Patronus Con

A small group of fans got together, with a very special partnership with “O Profeta Diário” (The Daily Prophet), to bring you something that should have been done already. Together, we created what we hope to be one of the most memorable events for the Portuguese fans: a convention entirely dedicated to the fantastic world of Harry Potter. When? 2017 (exact date coming soon). Where? Oporto, Portugal. The exact location where the convention will be held will be announced soon. The Patronus Con is a non-profit convention created for the fans, by the fans. Unfortunately, that also means that we don’t have the necessary funds to bring all the actors and there isn’t any big company sponsoring us. This means we depend entirely of your help! All the money raised on the ticket sales, will be used exclusively to secure this convention: pay for the guests, rent the space where the event will be held and all the other expenses that come with it. However, if there’s any profit made with this convention, it will all be donated to the Lumos Foundation ( The more funds we get; the more guests will attend. This means that, the more donations are made and tickets are sold, the more guests we will be able to pay for. To help, you can donate – every euro counts – or just spread the word!